S22 - Spiral Hill, 50+

Spiral Hill was formed by a core group of experienced players to fill the need for a transparent, social, organized guild. Whether you’re an experienced player who is looking for something new or a new player who needs help learning the ropes, we’re welcoming to all. We’re willing to train newbies, whether it be in basic gameplay or how to help as a member of guild management. We need to freshen things up with some new names!

With only half of our roster full and just two weeks under our belts, we’ve already cracked the top 100 so this is your chance to get in on the ground floor. If you’ve ever wanted to feel you “own” a piece of your guild that you could shape, this is the spot for you. Let’s put in some elbow grease and get this show on the road!

:stars:Current TL requirement: 50+

We know life gets hectic sometimes. If you plan to be away for more than 3 days, just let us know. Otherwise, we ask that you participate in War, Surge, and Invasion as a team and complete your dailies.

Good luck building your guild!

I would also suggest trying to recruit via Heist. There you can find players who are willing to learn soon (and distinguish between those that break rules easily)


What a great idea, thank you!

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