Sadness (hero concept)



Sadness is :star2: :star2: tank hero.
Position: Back
Quote: “I’m too sad to walk.”

Entrace: Sadness flies to the battlefield on her cloud.
Victory: Sadness open and start reading a book.
Defeat: Cloud flies away without her, Sadness lands on the ground and start crying.

Basic damage: Shots a blue (sad) memory to closest enemy.

White skill: Remember the sad (fantastic damage)
Sadness flies to the enemy side, from her cloud appears rain which damaging all enemies, dealing X damage and scaring them for 15 seconds. Sadness is invincible when she is at the enemy side.

Green skill: Touch of past
Sadness mark closest enemy, stunning them for 10 seconds and stealing 50% of target’s armor and reality for the remainder of the wave.
Sadness is invincible for 3 seconds after using this skill.

The duration of stun is reduced against enemies above level X.

Blue skill: Helpful cry
Sadness cry, cleaning the negative effects of all allies and healing them for 30% of their max HP.

Purple skill: Effects of sadness
From now all Sadness basic attacks additionally reducing enemy attack and movement speed by 5% for rest of battle. This can stack up to 10 times.

Red skill: Sadness of the all
Each time when an ally falls below their 10% max. HP they become invincible for 5 seconds and heal X HP over 10 seconds. Each ally can become invincible only once per wave.

Invincibility lasts only for 1 second on allies above level X.


Joy - Fun of reading

  • +X BD to Sadness and allies
  • ‘‘Helpful cry’’ also gives invincible to allies for 0.6s (+0.6s per star)
  • '‘Helpful cry’ heals 5% (+5% per star) more

Ralph - Causes of sadness

  • +X BD
  • +200 (+200 per star) Starting Energy
  • +1 (+1 per star) more stack of slow from ‘‘Effects of sadness’’
  • ‘‘Remember the sad’’ reduce enemies basic damage by 3% (+3% per star), stacking with each use.
    This can stack up to 3 times.

Like how she just goes and touches them and they freeze thinking about their own sad memories. So dark

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