Sailor Moon Concept

Sailor Moon Concept


Role: Tank
Position: Front
Team: Blue

Basic attack: Chop downward (karate chop)
Entrance: Jumps in as Usagi Tsukino and transforms quickly into Sailor Moon.
Defeat: Quickly reverts to a sitting / crying Usagi Tsukino, flustered.
Victory: Sailor Moon crosses her arms in traditional stance and then salutes.


White skill: Make-up!
Sailor Moon produces her Moon wand and raises her dodge significantly and recovers % HP per second. Each time she dodges and attack, she gains % Armor.

Green skill: Moon Tiara
Fantastic Damage
Sailor Moon grab her moon tiara and flings it at enemies. It boomerangs between enemies for x seconds. If enemies hit by Moon Tiara are slowed, Sailor Moon receives x% of HP upon return.

Blue Skill: Sailor Moon Kick!
Sailor Moon kicks enemies back jumping into the air when in range. Enemies are then slowed for x seconds.

Purple skill: Luna! Not Now!
Luna appears in front of Sailor Moon and absorbs % of damage until defeated. Luna also filters 75% of debuffs from Sailor Moon while active.

Red skill: In The Name Of The Moon…
Sailor Moon now raises attack speed quite significantly when activating “Make Up!”
+x speed
+X defense


Sailor Moon / Mulan

Sailor Moon gets a crash course in Mulan’s cause!
Disk name: Justice Seeking Princess
Sailor Moon now throws double moon tiaras
Allies: Mushu, Jasmine, Vanellope
“Hey Mulan, you wanna be a Sailor Scout??”

Sailor Moon / Simba + Nala"

Sailor Moon tries to understand why Simba can talk, like Luna.
Disk name: Nice Kitty!
Allies: Genie, Scar, King Louie, Judy Hopps
“Wow Luna, it looks like all the animals can talk HERE.”


Very nice concept.

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Really awesome concept here! :smiley:

I actually had crazy imaginations of the character roster growing more than beyond just Disney properties. Like adding Warner Bros. characters or Anime. :laughing:

I always give myself a great kick of the non Disney concepts more! Cause it makes me wish they were real! :smiley: Love what we all can create!

Dude, don’t revive dead topics

Oops! Sorry! :sweat_smile:

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