Sally is destroying my team

I’m on the last level of an episode in Oogie and Hook’s campaign. But i can’t seem to get the first wave because of Sally. Her red skill quickly defeats Hook, Peter, and Yzma leaving Oogie all alone.

They are in the proper rank, they have enchaments, their skills are very high, and i have tried different disk combination. But it just ends the same way. I completely out of options.

What do i do?

Try upgrading sally just trying to help

Not sure if Sally is one of the allies in Oogie and Hook’s friend campaign :thinking:

She’s not.

Sally is the enemy :expressionless:


Oh thanks for making that more clear @Filadae_Djaq by the way off topic you’re in the talking pm

How am I being off-topic???


I think they were saying that their point about you being in the PM was off-topic and they were just warning you of that.

Yes and @Myeong also off topic you’re in

I still don’t get it. The PM has nothing to do with this.

That’s why I said off topic


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Hence them stating it is off-topic. It is the lack of grammar that is making it confusing for you

Look, this is getting me nowhere. All i want to know is how to defeat Sally with my team intact and that’s it. So stop making this about you @Lightningmcqueen_XXVIII.

I’m not. and seriously why do you hate me?

You’ve possibly already tried this but try doing the fight on manual so you can save their active skills to quickly defeat her when she revives. I don’t know if this is the issue you’re facing but often I find that she will use her Red Skill upon dying which is where she’s most problematic.

Equip Peter disk on Hook. That might help.

Seriously this happened to me with Mickey and Minnie friendship. I waited until I had 75 power ups then I won

Sally is one of the most easily underestimated tanks in the game.
Her poison really does a lot of damage if you don’t take her out fast enough and you don’t have any dispellers on the team. The best idea to defeat her is to hold on to everyone’s white skill then go all out when she finishes her revive.

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