Sally Stat Adjustment

Based on player feedback about Sally blocking progress in the campaigns, we’ve made some adjustments to her skills. These adjustments allow her to reach her full potential, and still keep her quite powerful, while being more enjoyable for players’ experiences! Sally has also been removed as an enemy from Friendship Campaigns for now!

Deadly Nightshade

  • Fantastic Damage dealt every second reduced
  • Additional Fantastic Damage per stack of “Poison” reduced

Frog’s Breath

  • Reduced Fantastic Damage dealt

Fog Juice

  • Reduced Fantastic Damage dealt per second to enemies

Trouble Brewing

  • Reduced the amount of bonus Fantastic Damage for “Deadly Nightshade” when activated per stack of Poison

We will be pushing these stats to live today, so keep an eye out for the changes.


Can’t be the future refreshes and heroes released kept moderately powerful? :man_shrugging:
I still don’t think that 100-1000x difference between recently refreshed or new heroes AND heroes without refresh is healthy.

Or do that for every refreshed hero while returning to the pool those from 4 patch seasons ago. :man_shrugging:
But I know… lot of work.


Glad she keeps her HP from Purple skill and armor + reality from disk, otherwise she would be just a lame damage hero, not a tank.

This should be made for all refreshed heroes, and being replaced by… Ninja creep.

Hopefully Pegasus will get damage nerf too.
And Negaduck cooldown on his Horned King disk, he is always reflect now! :pensive:


You can still add her back in the future for the time being. Just keep her stats nice and steady for the friendship campaigns for people to enjoy. Also, this will be server maintenance, right?

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Before and after


You could also remove her refresh with the increased cooldown in order to get her enemy self back in the friendship campaign. Just keep her equal with the earlier refreshed heroes.

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I guess 1/3x is enough? :man_shrugging:

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But what if Sally was in lineups of only corrupted heroes for the friendship campaigns? They could replace her with weaker heroes.

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Dear PB,

That reduction to the stats are not enough. I would bet having her refresh removed until the NBC patch trial comes. And the refresh will be installed back that makes her stats equal to the earlier refreshed heroes. Keep the damage overtime dealt to at least a minimum of 0.9% of max HP per poison stack if they expire or not. It’ll be less easier for players to defeat Sally as an enemy in the friendship campaign this way. I know I’m sending this message to you although you guys still make Sally way too powerful despite the reduction of damage and even newcomers cannot defeat her starting with Chapter 15 onward, so I was willing that would happen for now until further notice. Any of that, thank you for reading this message.

Best wishes,

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She wasn’t that bad tbh. Negaduck basically negates her so…if anything she’s even easier than before


They changed Sally to Bolt in this stage/friendship keepo.pngkeepo.pngkeepo.pngkeepo.png

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Could you also remove rex and scar from friendship campaigns!!!


Just doing that isn’t enough, Sally is still a huge nuisance,

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Sally literally roadblocking my invasion breaker quest fight :sweat_smile:


You know what???
Forget what i said this morning guys…i…think sally got enough nerfs…let’s hope so.
Meanwhile i got pegasus to beat her in the campain mode…we’ll be :ok:.


@Polaris can you also remove Chip and Dale as an enemy from the friend campaigns? They insta kill my heroes at the start of each wave.


She’s still quite strong, but definitely gets countered if you know her weakness now.

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I agreed with that.
I can’t get the Jake long and mei Lee disk thanks to them.

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