Salty Unlikely Hero Concept


Description: This dock yard diesel have come to aid his crew in battle. By using his Shanting song, story from the ocean and a little help from a grumpy crane, this diesel is ready for any battle.

Quote: ‘‘We heaved until the old freighter finally caught the tide, ahh it’s good to be useful’’
Star: :star: :star:
Role: Support
Position: Midline
Trial Team: Yellow


Entrance: Salty is being lowered on the ground by Cranky from the sky, while Salty patiently look around happily.

Victory: Salty start to laugh happily.

Defeat: Salty look sad at the enemies.


Basic Attack: Salty honk his horn loudly to deal X Normal Damage to the front most enemy.

White Skill: Shanting Musical:
Salty starts to sing a Shanting song for 15 seconds. While singing, Salty and his allies are healed X amount every second and his allies gain 70% of basic damage. As we’ll
charm the two back most enemies for 10 seconds.

While using this Skill, Salty is immune to Disables and Debuffs.

The Charm has a chance to fail against enemies above level Y.

Green Skill: Tell Of The Sea:
Salty tells a scary story to the enemy, causing all enemies to be Scared and Sap for 12 seconds, and apply the enemy with the Most HP Snare for 4 seconds.

The Snare has a chance to fail against enemies above level Y.

Blue Skill: Cranky Load:
Cranky will drop a load of cargo on the enemy with the Most HP, dealing X Normal Damage, apply Pierce and Stunning the enemy for 8 seconds.

This Skill can still activate even if Salty is Silence, Freeze and Stun.

The Stun have a chance to fail on enemy above level Y.

Purple Skill: The Dockyard Diesel:
“Cranky Load” now deals X Fantastic Damage to nearby enemies.

After using “Shanting Musical” Allies gains Tenacity Increase by 75% for 14 seconds, X Skill Power Increase for 10 seconds and the enemy with the least Reality gain 4 Stack of Fatigue for 12 seconds.

The Skill Power Increase has a chance to fail on allies above level Y.

Red Skill: Pride of The Seven Sea:
Salty and his Allies have an Fantastic Damage Reduction by 80% from “Shanting Musical”.

Every 7 Basic Attack, Salty now apply an X Basic Attack Decrease for 15 seconds to all enemies on the field.

“Tell Of The Sea” now grants Salty and his Allies 2 Stack of Hardy for 15 seconds.

The Basic Attack Decrease has a chance to fail against enemies above level Y.

• + Z Reality
• + Z Skill Power
• + Z Tenacity


[Salty and Bill & Ben]
Description: Bill & Ben annoying of the truck antics decided to find Salty and tries again to learn of Salty way of dealing with truck.

Disk Name: The Secret of Truck
Disk Power:
• + X Max HP
• + X Armor to Salty and his Allies
• + Damage Role ally gain X Tenacity

• “Tell Of The Sea” now apply a debuffs to the enemies base on their role:
Damage Role - Are Stun for 5/7/9/11/13 seconds.
Tank Role - Have Tenacity Decrease by 60%/80%/100%/120%/130% for 10 seconds.
Support Role - Are Silence for 8/10/12/14/16 seconds.
Control Role - gain 1/2/3/4/5 Stack of Weakness for 12 seconds.

Allies: Boco, Anger, Mike Wazowski

[Salty and Henry]
Description: On a peaceful night, Henry was preparing himself to haul the keeper tonight, only be surprised by Salty appearing right beside him. As both engine talk Salty soon told Henry of a ghost story that manage to affect Henry as he soon start to see thing at night.

Disk Name: The Fishy Keeper
Disk Power:
• + X Max HP to Salty and his Allies
• + X Skill Power to Salty and his Allies
• + Control Role Enemy lose X Armor

• At the start of Each Wave, Salty is immune to Sap for 3/6/10/13/16 seconds.
• 80%/100%/120%/140%/160% more damage for “Cranky Load”.

Allies: Davy Jones, King Triton, Stitch

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