Sam Flynn Hero Concept

Sam Flynn
Tron: Legacy

Stats and Information

Role - Control

Trial Team - Red

Position - Mid

Stars At Beginning - 1

Quote - “You can’t steal something that’s designed to be free.”

Bio - The son of tech expert Kevin Flynn, Sam will do whatever he can to help his dad and their allies out of a pinch. With his identity disk in hand and few other tech surprises up his sleeve Sam will show the enemies who’s boss.


Entrance - Sam rides in on his lightcycle

Victory - Sam’s lightcycle reappears and he pops a wheelie

Defeat - An identity disk is thrown from offscreen and hits the ground under Sam. A hole forms in the ground and Sam falls through. The hole then closes.

Basic Attack - Sam throws his identity disk at enemies


White Skill - Ground Breaking Technology (Fantastic Damage)
Sam jumps up in the air and slams his identity disk next to the frontmost enemy dealing x damage to them and creating a hole which they fall through. The enemy stays out of battle for 7 seconds. When they return, they are stunned for 14 seconds and given 5 stacks of weakness for 14 seconds.

Green Skill - Top Shareholder
Sam hacks into 2 random enemies for 6 seconds. During this time, they deal 90% less damage with their attacks and take 50% more damage from incoming attacks. These enemies are charmed for 6 seconds after Sam is done hacking them.
The charm has a chance to fail on enemies above level x.

Blue Skill - Bombardment (Fantastic Damage)
Sam throws a few of Quorra’s bombs into the enemy line dealing x damage and slowing all enemies hit by 175% for 9 seconds.

Purple Skill- Expert Hacking (Fantastic Damage)
Charmed enemies take x damage over time for the duration of the charm. Charmed enemies are also stunned for 4 seconds after the charm ends. This applies to charms applied by Sam of his allies.

Red Skill - The Grid (Normal Damage)
Enemies are dealt x normal damage every second they are out of battle on “Ground Breaking Technology

Enemies slowed by "Bombardment" are sapped for the duration of the slow

  • x Max hp
  • x basic damage
  • 5 stacks of hardy at the beginning of battle


Sam Flynn and Quorra
Name - Life in the City

Description - "Bombardment" applies shatter


  • Enemies hit by "Bombardment" are dealt shatter for x seconds.


  • +x basic damage while an enemy is shattered
  • +x skill power while an enemy is shattered
  • +x Fantastic crit while an enemy is shattered

Sam Flynn and The Rocketeer
Name - Power Up

Description - Buff Patched Heroes


  • Patched allies do x% more damage with their white skills while Sam is in battle.


  • +x Max hp for Patched allies
  • +x skill power for Patched allies
  • +x tenacity for patched allies


If the character is the physical character, he wouldn’t have his identity disk. If the character is the “grid” version, he wouldn’t have his motorcycle.
I think an easy fix would be swapping motorcycle to Lightcycle.

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