Sam Flynn Tron Concept

Sam Flynn

Description: Game Powered and Super Charged. Sam Flynn is ready to jump into the action.

“Where Am I? Am I on the grid? Who are you?”

Stars: :star: :star:

Trial Team: Red

Position: Mid

Role: Damage

Basic Animations:

Entrance: Sam will ride onto the battlefield in his light cycle before jumping off and grabbing a disc.

Basic Attack: Sam will throw his disc at an enemy before it comes back to him dealing X damage.

Victory: Sam will put his disc above him (Similar to Kevin Flynn’s victory screen.)

Defeat: Sam will glitch out.


White Skill: Disc Throw

Damage Type: Normal Damage :fist:

(Sam will throw his disc hitting each enemy dealing X damage to each of them.)

Green Skill: Quantum Teleport

Damage Type: Normal Damage :fist:

(Sam will teleport to the farthest enemy before punching them dealing 54300 damage and glitching back to his spot in the battlefield.)

Blue Skill: Double Disc

Damage Type: Normal Damage :fist:

(Sam will glitch into the front of an enemy lineup before throwing two discs at all front line enemies dealing X damage with each hit.)

Purple Skill: Glitchy CEO

Damage Type: None

(Basic Attack deals X more damage.)

Red Skill: In The Grid

Damage Type: None

(All Attacks deal x1.5 damage and all Support Allies now heal Sam x1.5.

Additional Stat Boosts:

+120000 Max HP

+5000 Basic Damage.)

Friendship Campaigns:

Sam Flynn and Gogo

“Disc Duo”


Sam and Gogo’s discs accidentally collide during a battle causing a new type of disc to be created.

Allies: Hercules, Kevin Flynn, and Hiro Ha…

Stat Boosts:

+430 Basic Damage

+2300 Max HP

Sam Flynn and Quorra

“Grid Reuniting”

Quorra, confused of how Sam is still alive, starts a guessing group.

Allies: Gizmoduck, Kevin Flynn, and Basil o…

Stat Boosts:

+33300 Max HP

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