Samm, please help us

@Samm, you seriously got to something about this spammer.

For months, we have been dealing with a spammer that want his character put in. That would be fine if it was only once. But instead, they have spammed their needs again and again, and has become a spoiled jerk about it. They’re insulting Perblue, harassing everyone in the forums, and misuses support. We have flagged, ignored, and muted but they just will not stop. Whenever they get suspended, they just make another alt and they continue with their demands as if nothing ever happened.

They have disregarded and violated the forums’ terms of service so many times and we are tired of dealing with this person. You have got to do something more drastic than just suspensions because I don’t think anyone can take much more of this.


Did you really need to make an entire topic just for this??? :roll_eyes:

  1. Samm only just recently joined the forums, so they may still be trying to figure things out. Throwing this on them, even if they are likely already aware of the issue at this point, will only make things more frustrating for them as well.
  2. If you REALLY felt the need to ask about this, surely you could’ve asked them this in private instead of unnecessarily bringing this up in public (like you’ve done in the past…)
  3. I don’t know how the forums work from the PB side of things, but what do you expect them to be able to do? I don’t think they can outright stop the spammer from making new accounts, even if it does violate their ToS.

Seriously, just ignore/flag the spammer and move on. Everyone else is pretty much already doing that at this point. Bringing the issue up like this is just preaching to the choir at this point.


@Myeong and @Mister_Toon you two are both right about dealing with the same person who wants to see Yesss in the game but between the two of you I have to agree with Mister Toon because it’s too much however we just have to do what Myeong says and just flag that person who keeps doing the same thing again and again.

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What do you think we’ve been doing this whole time?

We flag and ignore every alt this guy makes but no matter how much we do this, they just keep coming back. Their selfishness is ruining hero wishing and predictions for everyone. They’ve bad mouthed and disregarded both Agent P and Phoebus in their patch notes and they’re already bad mouthing Little John’s inclusion into the game. They even spammed in @Musketeer’s hero poll.

So, how many times do we have to do this song and dance before people reach their limit with this guy?

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As someone watching from the sidelines, I have to say that I’ve never seen a single circumstance where this person has been completely ignored lol. There’s always someone who can’t help themselves

PB tends to be very resistant to IP bans so you can’t really count on that, best thing to do is just stop responding altogether. Doubt everyone will commit to that, but when the attention goes so goes the spam lol.


Look, I get it. The spam is annoying and we all want PB to do something about it. But by now, everyone knows that it’s going to just keep happening, so why waste so much time obsessing over it when you can just ignore it and move on? At this point, if you’re still so upset by it that you for some reason feel the need to make a whole topic about it (which I’ve noticed you like doing whenever something like this happens…) despite no one else being anywhere near as vocal about it as you, then perhaps the issue isn’t just about the spammer anymore. You can’t control what other people say or do, but you can control how you respond (or in this case, whether or not you respond at all). It’s not the ideal solution, I know, but it’s at least better than worrying about it all the time.


the problem isn’t just with the spammer.

every thread they post ends up with dozens and dozens of replies from lots of other people…

that’s what they want…


Just resist the temptation to reply…

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