Samson Unlikely Hero Concept


Description: Samson the proudest engine have came to help out. With his expertise of shunting, Bradford powerful brake and being the strongest engine ever, this engine will never know defeat.

Quote: '‘Morning Sir. Samson here, at your service!’
Star: :star:
Role: Tank
Position: Frontline
AA Red Team: Yellow


Entrance: Samson enter field while taking Bradford with him and drive to his Position, when Samson reach to his Position, he then blow his whistle.

Victory: Fireworks will start to blow up in the sky, making Samson look up and smile at them and Bradford chuckle.

Defeat: Samson look at the enemies with a annoy expression, as Bradford start to rebuke the allies.


Basic Attack: Samson look at the front most enemy with a glare, dealing X Normal Damage.

White Skill: Dino Rush:
Bradford will suddenly glitch out and change into three flatbed, each with different dinosaur models that appear behind Samson. Samson then look at the enemies with a confidence expression and then drive through the enemy-line, scaring all enemies in the field for 20 seconds and each flatbed dealing X Fantastic Damage. Samson then returned to the field with Bradford couple behind him again.

The Scare as a chance to fail against enemies above level Y.

Green Skill: One Truck Work:
Samson will wind back to Bash the front most enemy, but a singeler 7-Plank Truck fill with stone appears out of nowhere in front of Samson. Causing it to fly across the field dealing X Normal Damage and Stun each enemies for 4 seconds.

The Stun as a chance to fail against enemies above level Y.

Blue Skill: Bradford Rule!:
Bradford put on the brake to block the KnockBack from the enemy, then Bradford counters by shouting to all enemies dealing X Fantastic Damage and Scaring the enemy for 12 seconds.

Bradford can only block a KnockBack every 10 seconds.

Purple Skill: Very Proud Engine:
When Samson is disabled, Samson look around the field and then smirks at the enemies. Cleansing all Debuffs, gain 2 Stack of Determination and healing himself for X HP over 4 seconds.

Samson can use this once every 8 seconds.

The Stack of Determination has a chance to fail on Samson above level Y.

Red Skill: At Your Service:
Samson “Dino Rush” can now deal Z Bonus Fantastic Damage to Scared enemies.

Every 10 seconds of the battle, Samson gain Z Max HP increase to himself and grant the back most ally an Reflect for 4 seconds.

• + Z Max HP
• + Z Tenacity
• + Z Armor



[Samson and Captain Amelia]
Description: Samson and Bradford were arriving at the port where they he were taking goods to fill the RLS Legacy ammunition and food supplies. As they stop, they soon meet Captain Amelia the owner of the RLS Legacy ship. Samson soon started to boastfully explained his deliver, but Amelia stop Samson boasting and call him a immature child. Bradford soon forgive Amelia for Samson arrogance and explain the cargo that they brought, Amelia impress with Bradford manner and strict personality that both off them soon became fast friend. Samson seen this became annoy, so Samson decided to prove to Amelia that he is not a immature engine, but a proud engine.

Disk Name: Order In The Port
Disk Power:
• + X Max HP
• + X Reality
• + Apply to all allies a shield with X HP when he uses “Bradford Rule!”

• Remove 200/350/400/550/600 of energy to the Attacker that was block by “Bradford Rule!”

Allies: Merlin, Henry, Flik


[Samson and Darkwing Duck]
Description: As Samson was coupling Bradford to a heavy goods train that he has to take, Sir Topham Hatt came to talk to Samson and Bradford. He explained that
Goods are loaded with gunpowder and ammunition that are needed to be delivered safely, so told Samson to take the long route and wait for a few minutes for a hero to join along their long journey.

Disk Name: A Dangerous Delivery
Disk Power:
• + X Reality to Samson and his Allies
• + X Basic Attack to Samson and his Allies
• + Damage Role enemies lose X Armor
• + Damage Role enemies lose X Skill Power

• After using “Dino Rush”, Samson and his allies gain 60%/70%/80%/90%/100% of Armor and Fantastic Crit Increase for 10 seconds.

Allies: Shego, Calhoun, Milo Thatch

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