Samsung and Amazon Players with lost accounts


Players who use the Samsung and Amazon app stores:

The 1.6.4 client was released early on your app store by mistake, which caused your account to be inaccessible to your device. We have opened the 1.6.2 server for you to play the game, so you should be able to access your game account now.

You may notice a few oddities while you play. The improvements we listed in the 1.6.4 patch notes will not be live for you. For example, you may see the button to kick players in Heist, but it will not work until we update the server.

We are submitting 1.6.5 to the Samsung and Amazon app stores now. Please keep an eye out for this update, and install it as soon as you can. That will put you back in sync with the 1.6.2 server until we are ready to release 1.6.4 next week.

Sorry for the confusion, and thank you for playing!