Sans hero concept

Sans :medal_military::medal_military::medal_military: hero

Role damage

Bio:a lazy skeleton man who makes puns and gives bad guys a bad time

Entrance: blinks

Victory plays trombone

Defeat: a sare apaers a cross his chest and he disappears

Basic attack : throws bone

White skill bone attack : a bone apeares and gose throw them stunning them

Green skill gaster blaster : summons a gaster blaster to damage all opponents

Blue skill blue soul throw piles up an opponent and throws it down stunning him or her

Perple skill megalovainia : attack speed is increased for the amount of damage you opponent dose for 3 seconds

Friends campaigns

Sans / W.N
Sans can’t find papyrus so he asks will to help him



• Sans Defeat: For those of us who hadn’t played Undertale, what is his defeat?

• Is Sans a control, Tank, Support, or a Damage Hero?

• For Sans white skill, please give it a name. I think the other skills have names, I am unsure of that.

• Where are friendships? You don’t need to include those, but it would be appreciated if you did.

• Make sure when your putting a Skill, you do the following… :

White Skill: Bone Attack
Skill description

Note the “:”. This tells the reader that this is the name. Make sure to press “Return”. Just like I did.

These are just some suggestions.

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He sits down with a bloody scar running diagonally across his body. Not a lie

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Oh wow. Wow


Sin Counter

  • Screenshot (+1)
  • No one can literally talk in the game, with the exception of speech bubbles. So… bad (+1)
  • A victory that is most popular as a meme, not in-game (-1)
  • Defeat isn’t specific (+1)
  • I am pretty sure Sans doesn’t throw bones… (+1)
  • [White Skill] Who is “them”? (+1)
  • Gaster Blaster move is a green skill, not his “special move” (+1)
  • [Blue Skill] Piles of what? (+1)
  • [Blue Skill] “Enemies” is a word, why not use it? You clearly used “opponents” in the last skill, why not that word (+1)
  • Perple (+1)
  • “opponent dose” (+1)
  • Neatness Messiness (+1)

Sin Counter: 10


“Uh… I’m… offended”


I didint know what to say for his defeat so thank you yore a blessing to me

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Next is phil swift

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