Santa Claus

Santa Claus

Stars at the beginning: :star2: :star2:
Role: Support
Position: Back
Team: Yellow

Entrance: Santa Claus walks to the battlefield.
Victory: Santa Claus smiles cheerfully.
Defeat: Santa Claus gets mad and throws away one of the presents.

Quote: “There are hardly any naughty children this year.’’

Basic attack: Santa Claus throws a present at the furthest enemy.

White skill: Nice or Naughty? :sparkles: (fantastic damage)
Passive: When Santa Claus throws a present with basic attacks the present then bounces from the target and lands on random place in the battlefield, it can be either near allies or enemies. Santa Claus also deals fantastic damage with basic attacks.

Active: Santa Claus reads his list to see who is nice and who is naughty, activating the presents, if the present was activated near Santa’s ally it will heal them for X HP, if the present was activated near enemy it will instead deal X damage.

Green skill: Decoration Time :sparkles: (fantastic damage)
Santa Claus throws at the enemies 3 Christmas decorations, dealing X damage with each hit.

Blue skill: Reindeer Call :sparkles: (fantastic damage)
Santa Claus calls for his reindeers which then flies from above to nearest enemies, dealing X damage. Later, one late reindeer also charges at the enemy with lowest HP dealing X true damage to the target.

Purple skill: Christmas is Near! :sparkles: (fantastic damage)
At the start of each wave, Santa Claus flies on the sleigh and moves through enemies, dealing X damage to them and leaving 6 presents at the random places. While passing allies, Santa Claus grants them shield with X HP and 3 seconds invincibility.

Red skill: Ho-Ho-Ho! :sparkles: (fantastic damage)
Activated presents from ‘‘Nice or Naughty?’’ will also grant allies one stacks of hardy, and deal additional X damage over 8 seconds if the present was activated near enemy.

Whenever a present is activated Santa Claus gains X skill power.

The hardy stacks have a chance to fail on allies above level X.

Additional stat boosts:

+X reality
+X damage to activated presents from ‘‘Nice or Naughty?’’


Minnie Mouse - The Christmas Party


More effects from presents

  • +X HP
  • +X SP
  • Activated presents also removes up to 3 debuffs from allies(+3 debuffs per star)
  • Activated presents also increase duration of active debuffs on enemies by 1 seconds (+1s per star)

Sally - Santa’s Helper


Presents stuns

  • +X SP
  • Activated presents removes X reality from enemies for 10 seconds
  • Activated presents from ‘‘Nice or Naughty?’’ also stuns damaged enemies for 1.5 seconds (+1.5s per star)
  • Whenever a present is activated Santa Claus gains 5% attack speed (+5% per star)

I like this concept. But that santa is kinda creepy. That is not bad at all, i am just pointing it out.

Also, where is this santa from? TNBC?

You can check the source of each my concept from the link at the bottom of each concept.

But yes, you guess correctly, this is Santa from TNBC.

That image looks kinda weird imo. Here’s a kinda better image if you want it

Isn’t it sandy Claws?

That was the name given to him by the residents of Halloweentown, and it was “Sandy Claws”

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