Santa Clause (Tim Allen)

Santa clause from the Santa clause movies as a potential red team, back line, damage hero.
Can’t get into extreme detail with what he does or how much damage or effects but one ability I had in mind was summoning Bernard or Curtis (his two main elves) like mother Gothel summons the stabbington brothers. Maybe an opening battle attack like Aladdin, quorra, baymax, and others where he rides cupid into battle. Thoughts?

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This sounds like a good idea. He should have a friendship with Buzz Lightyear (the Toy Story version seen in the game) since they’re both played by Tim Allen.

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Yes this is a good idea. Plus, the movie is hilarious!

This would be cool! Maybe even a friendship with Olaf?

I agree! I enjoyed the movies, and would enjoy seeing him as a possible prize wall character

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