Sasha Waybright

Sasha Waybright

Stars at the beginning: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Team: Blue

Entrance: Sasha walks into her position and pulls out her two swords.
Victory: Sasha smiles gently as she touches her scar.
Defeat: Sasha gets angry and throws her swords away.

Quote: “I’ll never give up. Not today, not ever!’’

Basic attack: Sasha slashes two times her swords against nearby enemies.

White Skill: Two Swords :fist:
Sasha charges towards the middlemost enemy and then she performs 5 hits with her two swords to nearby enemies, each hit deals X Normal Damage. Enemies hit also receive 5 Stacks of Weakness for 10 seconds, Sasha also steals 50% of their Armor and Reality for the remainder of the wave, and the durations of all active debuffs on these enemies are increased by 5 seconds.

Sasha is untargetable and immune to debuffs while using this skill.

Green Skill: Sword Throw :fist:
Sasha throws out of anger her swords towards two random enemies, one sword deals X Normal Damage while the other sword deals X True Damage. Both enemies lose all their buffs and are stunned for 11 seconds.

Blue Skill: Battle Cry
Sasha raises her sword and encourages all allies, increasing their Armor and Reality by X, Basic Damage and Skill Power by X, and Attack Speed by 100%.
Sasha also gains buffs from this skill.

Purple Skill: End of Discussion :shield:
Sasha’s basic attacks deal bonus X True Damage and silence enemies hit for 6 seconds.

Two frontmost enemies are silenced at the start of each wave for 10 seconds. Both silences cannot be dodged or evaded and the duration is not reduced by tenacity.

Whenever a silence from any source ends on an enemy that enemy takes X Fantastic Damage.

Red Skill: Expert Swordsmanship
Sasha’s basic attacks grants herself and the ally with the highest energy 50 energy.

After ‘‘Two Swords’’ is used Sasha and her allies have their Armor and Reality increased by 150% for 8 seconds. ‘‘Battle Cry’’ decreases Attack and Movement speed by 80% of all enemies for 12 seconds.

Additional stat boosts:
+X Tenacity


Namaari - The Fang Rookie

More Effective Armor and Reality Buffs

  • +X SP to Sasha and allies
  • +X Evasion to Sasha and allies
  • All Armor and Reality buffs on Sasha and her allies give 15% more Armor and Reality (+15% more per star)

John Silver - Self-reflection

Dodging Attacks Which Grants Reflect

  • +X BD to Sasha and allies
  • +X Armor Negation to Sasha
  • Sasha dodges enemy’s basic attack or skill once every 10 seconds and each time she dodges an attack this way she receives Reflect for 2 seconds (-1 second per star)

I like this concept! Sasha really should be in the game. Good job! :+1:

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I like that concept


Thanks! Hopefully Amphibia characters will be added one day…

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I hope they add them

I honestly really like this concept of yours,musketeer
hopefully soon her,anne,marcy,luz,and amity get added in soon since they’re likely to be added in

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