Saying the number is wrong then close?



Why did you close the thread @Polaris
This is a nice topic…

Like for example in server 7 contest
1% used to be on rank 150+, or as far as a i remember there were even times rank200+…
Which means, atleast 15,000 people are active and playing and participating in the contest…

Current contest

1% rank 29th
Which means only almost 3,000 players are only playing and participating in contest

Before 1.7 update
Atleast 15k are active

After 1.7 update
Atleast 3k active

It went down to 500%… only on server7…
Maybe this is the result of PB Not listening to its community…

If my data is also wrong
So hence
The algorithm for the contest is also wrong…
1% of 3,000 isnt 30…


I’m willing to bet your math is wrong. I don’t know where, or what it should be since I don’t have access to the numbers, but there’s no reason for Polaris to lie. Maybe it only counts people who contribute in an event. Maybe you’re only seeing active people. With over 10 million downloads even if 90% of them have uninstalled, which is a really high amount and unlikely, that still leaves 62,500 people per server on average.


Ohhhhhhhh i see… thank you guys


Server 12 - 11,500 active players, down from over 20,000 not so long ago (exact amount over 20,000 is hard to say as it only shows the Top 200)…

@Noble_Moon, depending on the contest, pretty much everyone usually participates, even accidentally… Example, Server 12 is currently running YET ANOTHER Fortify The Network Contest, and given that this contest is about using energy, literally every player has to take part over the weekend… So your 62,500 is way overestimated, at least on Server 12…


Thank you @DessieD

Now i feel good that i have the same wavelength of thinking lols