Schroeder (Peanuts Comic Strips, 1950-2000)

Schroeder (Unlikely Character Concept)

Description: This music powerhouse sure packs a punch when it comes to hypnotizing enemies and getting the girls.

Stars: :star2:

Trial Team: Red

Role: Charm

Position: Front

First Appearance: Peanuts Comic Strips (1950-2000)

“Charlie Brown, let me give you a little advice. As long as you think only of yourself, you’ll never find happiness. You’ve got to start thinking about others!”

Note: I’ve always wanted more autistic people to appear in modern media.

Another Note: Me and Schroeder both have 2 things in common. 1. Both of us have High-Functioning Autism (Aspergers/Smart Boi Autism.) 2. Both of us play the Keyboard (Well… Schroeder plays the piano…)

Basic Animations:

Entrance: Schroeder will walk in with his piano, plop in down on the ground, set down his chair, crack his fingers, and get ready to play.

Basic Attack: Schroeder will start to play a classic tune by Beethoven (most likely Ode to Joy) which will heal allies 1035 HP (every 10 seconds, that is…) and will stun the two closest enemies for 6 seconds.)

Victory: Schroeder will stand up and bow

Defeat: Schroeder’s pianos cover will fall on

his fingers.

Skill Time!:

White Skill: (A Minor) Melody (Schroeder basic attack will now stun enemies for 9 seconds and heal allies 1535 HP.) (For the animation for this skill Schroeder will simply flip his Piano song book to a different page.)

Green Skill: In-Tune Applause (Schroeder will bow, Freezing the three closest opponents for 6 seconds. Every second they are frozen, they will lose 230 HP.)

Blue Skill: A Smash Hit! (Schroeder’s piano cover will tip over, and will fall on an opponents —(It really depends how tall they are…) dealing 4040 fantastic damage.)

Purple Skill: The Beethoven Beat! (A Minor) Melody will now heal allies (including Schroeder) 3000 HP.)

Red Skill: Real Role Model (In-Tune Applause will now freeze opponents for 12 seconds, and every second it will deal 1030 damage.)

Friendship Campaigns:

Schroeder and Miguel Rivera

“Swell Symphonies”

Schroeder and Miguel decide to perform a duet at the plaza. The only problem is… they don’t know what to play…

Allies: Powerline, Aurora, Elsa

Level Up:

+X Basic Damage

+X Armor

Frozen enemies lose X more HP

Schroeder and Basil of Baker Street

“Silent but Deadly”

Basil can’t get to the bottom of why Schroeder is quiet all the time.

Allies: Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Clawhauser

Level Up:

+X more skill Power

+X more Charm

A charm character is not a role a character can fit in, Shroder would be a control. I don’t know where the autism thing came from. And the blue skill doesn’t make much sense considering you say how tall they are. But this was an alright concept

Thanks, I changed the role thing in my concept collection.

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