Scuttle Character Concept


Role: Control

Position: Middle

“Just a little twirl here and a yank there and viola! You’ve got aesthetically pleasing configuration of hair that humans go nuts over.”

Scuttle uses dinglehopper and other human object against the creeps.

Entrance: Flies with his dinglehopper at the ready.

Victory: twirl his feathers with his dinglehopper

Defeat: gets blown away

Basic Attack: Stabs an enemy with his Dingkrhopper

White Skill: Divebomb: Scuttle flies into the air and divebombs at the enemy nearest of the party.

Green Skill: Snarfblatt: Scuttle blows on the snarfblatt, blowing out gunk at enemies.

Blue Skill: Vocal Stimulation: Scuttle squawk at the enemies, silenceing them.

Purple Skill: Banded and Bulbus: Snarfblatt slows enemies down


Hank and Dory

Campaign: Out to Discover: Scuttle teaches Hank and Dory about the many wonderful dicoveries he found in the city.

Disk: It’s a Small World: basic attack takes energy for everyone.

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