Secrets of EVE?

Is my eve the only one that can freeze enemies? I’m not complaining at all I’m just found it odd because she’s not listed as a character that can freeze people so…

Her Calhoun disk splashes disables from the main target of her White Skill to the splash targets.


She’s been doing it before that and not even against enemies with freeze powers

Her Calhoun disk has existed ever since EVE was added to the game. I don’t see a “before that” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And it’s not enemies, it’s allies

I think they meant before they got the disk for EVE

Who are you pairing her with. Eve does not freeze. Best she can do is extend a freeze from from one toon to another toon with the Calhoun disk (noted by myeong)

She does freeze randomly that’s the thing! Sometimes she does it in the story mode, sometimes in coli, but most of the time it’s in heists! At first I thought it was the pairing as well but when I used only her versus 5 she kept freezing them despite the enemies having no freeze powers! Like I said I’m not complaining! I just think it’s weird but cool!

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