Sell invasion buffs and revives

There should be a way to sell unwanted/unused invasion buffs and revives

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No there shouldn’t. Invasion is already a pretty decent source of supplies but it is also unique in that each invasion is a self contained, temporary event. Being able to sell items gained from invasions would not only give the whales yet another way of increasing the ever expanding gap between them and the majority of players, but it would also change the essence of invasion in that the rewards earned wouldn’t be capped in the same way they currently are.
I like that invasion is a little different from other game modes, don’t move to align it with everything else.


I’d be ok if maybe they were sold for boss tech only since that also expires with each invasion. I know there are weeks where I’m low by the end…

Totally agree with @Lord_Skellington through- I would be against them being sold for gold.

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P2W has nothing to do with invasion its the only mood in which this applies. Constant grinding away to move up you get loads of stuff. Right now I got over 1000 shields 500 revives and first on server as of this writing. Maybe this is something for s21 only or s22 because we don’t get the rewards from it others get and our tiers only go to 44 so just trying to find more gain from it.

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This is my point. As it currently stands (particularly after the recent overhaul) everyone has a half decent chance of getting some decent rewards. This is especially true for members of guild who do invasion properly and work on it together so everyone shares the benefit.
If you allow people to sell excess items for gold then naturally the only people who will have a lot more than they need will be the players with the highest power, these are almost certainly going to be whales. Giving whales more gold to spend on skills and in the markets that low power members don’t realistically have the same access to will only make the gap larger.

You make a solid point im not disputing your justification. Just its extremely frustrating to leave more than 2000 various buffs and revives on the table. When you figure out the one shot teams slow and revive is basically all u use and even at that revive isn’t as much if your team can handle it.

Also I think being our server really has been screwed not just the 680 stam for 100 usd stuff but we didn’t get cap raise on last update and we don’t get the invasion rewards the rest of the servers get. So frustration maybe on acquiring more in game stuff just to compete because our badge requirements stay the same as others but our daily stam our rewards are a fraction of the rest.

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