Separate Costume Characters


I think that alternate costumes should also fight and function as their own separate characters, with their own friendships with the default versions of themselves. Like having all three versions of Elastigirl fighting together.


I have no idea wether to praise this idea, or to scorn it! That sounds amazing, but really would never work out. I think that would be confusing, and possibly create a few time paradoxes.


Sounds like a good idea, but I don’t think it will work out…

As @TheSpaghettiKing said, it will create a time paradox because, you know, two characters from different time periods appearing in the same time period.


Just going say with all the games I played never seen alt outfits working like that but then again have not played many.


please god no! there’s enough characters already without having to worry about this!


3 Quorras in 1 team. Sounds good but no thanks.


However what if you could see creeps in said costume? That could be interesting! :grin: