Sept 2022 Tier List! Y18 Max Lvl 325 (and beyond!) | Bendy

Hey guys! Here’s our September tier list! Thank you to everybody that helped vote on where heroes belong! Click on the image to zoom in and see everything more clearly.

As this will be my final tier list that I make, I attempted to do it using the same methods as last month, with polls on YouTube to vote on hero changes. Problem was, this time around not a single thing changed beyond adding in 22 to the Really Good tier. So rather than posting a totally unchanged tier list up and then ghosting you all, I thought it might be more helpful to do a little bit of my own tier changing.

So, despite it going against everything my tier list has always been, I decided I would try and “futureproof” the tier list a little bit. I made several changes to heroes that I feel are dipping in overall power and would have likely moved down in the tier list in the next 3-4 months had we kept it going. This should hopefully make this final tier list more useful to you all perhaps through the end of 2022 barring any massive meta shifts.

The most notable of these changes is I’ve decided to bring Kermit down a tier. With many counters for Kermit out there nowadays, he is actually starting to dip in power within the meta that he once had a stranglehold over. You can fairly easily stun him to death for an entire wave, and now with 22 joining the mix, this just adds yet another Kermit counter to the game.

Maximus, Winifred, and Mr. Big have fairly similar stories, Maximus and Winifred I barely see anybody talk about anymore and they just get outclassed by several other heroes in their roles. Freeze has seen a huge dip in power overall in the last several months and Mr. Big is seeing the worst of this, being able to simply be outstunned and get taken down much easier than he used to.

Hopefully you guys understand these changes that I’m making, and I want to thank anybody who has ever helped by participating in a tier list stream, making suggestions for hero adjustment, or have generally watched any of my videos over the past year and a half! It’s been so much fun making these videos and tier lists with you guys, and while I’ll no longer be making DH content, I hope I’ll see many of you in the comments for my future videos for years to come!

I wanted to give a special shoutout to a few folks who have stood out or gone above and beyond to help out or show their support for my content. If I miss your name, I apologize, there are so many people I could name here and no way I could name everybody. I love you all though and appreciate anybody who has taken the time to watch even 30 seconds of any of my videos!

xD Elmo
All of my Server 1 friends over the years, there’s too many of you to name!
Mickey Mouse/Van Car
Em Kay
Carlos Thadeu
Ash Ketchum
Joey Cannoli
Blossom Girl
Jody Caviness


Aw dang Magica and Minnie are still in balanced, i’ll miss u bendy :cry:

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