Server 1 unavailable: 1/31


Server 1 is currently unavailable. The team is looking into the cause. Sorry for any inconvenience!


Wait what ?! So we can’t play the game untill it’s fixed…not to bad. anoying but not bad…unless it makes ppl have to restart then it’s a whole new problem


You guys need a failover at launch to allow players to select a different server and perhaps show the status of the various servers rather than having the client attempt to autostart the last logged on server. I have multiple accounts and because I played on S1 last I cannot play on any other server as a result.


Same I’m on server nine and one but can’t do anything if it takes to long to fix I’ll be kicked out of my guild I’ve been in thst guild sense last june


Is server three down also? It’s not even attempting to connect for me.


I think all the servers are down 14 is down to oof


All servers are down for the 1.7.1 update. There’s a banner at the top of the page telling you this.


8 seems to be down as well


Yeah well they’re quite fast won’t take them to long


Hmmm … So it’s ALL the servers…
Oh well. But a warning in the game would have been nice. :flushed:


@Polaris do you know if it well block some ppl from their accounts like past updates have ?


Server 5 's ok

Good game all


Highly unlikely since they’re all in the same situation as you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t fully understand what you mean…but I like the it’s very unlikely part :slight_smile:


Server 1 is back up now. No data or accounts were lost, it was just an issue with logging in.