Server 10: Join a Guild That Treats People Like People


At the end of a busy day, the last thing we want is to play a game where we get bossed around, right?

Who We Are:

  • We Treat people like people, none of that “barking orders” nonsense
  • it’s a game, have fun, make friends
  • there’s only 1 rule— be a decent person, such as being considerate…etc.
  • we give u a lot of helpful strategies and advice, but it’s up to you to take them. No pressure?

Who do we “kick?”
Obviously a guild HAS TO kick people sometimes to make sure people treat each others right. Below is whim we kick:

  • rude people, after being repeatedly warned
  • people who are repeatedly inconsiderate (like stealing surges #’s)
  • people who who repeatedly sabotage other people’s hard work, which is inconsiderate (heist, war, etc)
  • Note: We only “kick” inactives if we run out of membership slots, in that case, we start with members the longest idle period (unless they notify us before going on break)

Guild Name: Vault Hunters
Server: 10