Server 11 - still capped at level 115?

I’m on server 11 - after installing the update, I seem to still be capped at level 115…
I’ve been able to promote to O6, but the level cap has not updated (the release notes indicate a new cap of 120…) Is this still to be rolled out?

On your account screen does it show the Team Level max as 120? When you do things in the game, are you earning Team XP in the progress bar there?

Thanks for the quick response!
My account shows max team lvl 120.
I’ve only got one character maxed at the moment (Quorra) - she shows as maxed on the summary screen at end of level; other characters appear to earning XP fine.
However, all my characters show level as xxx/115 in their stat screens. I’ve terminated & restarted the game a few times and powered off my phone.
I’ve also only promoted 1 character to O6 (Elsa), but that worked fine and I have been able to give her a badge after promoting her.

Your heroes won’t show the server cap because they’re limited by your current Team Level. It might be a good idea to take some screenshots and then send in a support ticket. They’ll be able to help you troubleshoot further!