Server 13 Downtime 8/31

Hello everyone!

We’re going to be transitioning Server 13 to a new hardware configuration. We’ve already run a test on this process so you shouldn’t even notice a difference. We anticipate that this will take around two hours of downtime. Don’t worry though we’ll let you know when it’s going down and when it’s back up! The downtime is scheduled for August 31st.

We have previously done this with Server 2 and there was a longer downtime for that transition, but we do not expect to have that issue with this transition.

This is ONLY Server 13! All other servers will be accessible and for Server 13 players if you have an account on another server you can still log in and play. There won’t be any game changes made and you shouldn’t see any performance changes to the servers either. We know this is a long downtime so we’ll have a compensation package once the transition is complete for the Server 13 players.

If everything goes smoothly we will transfer all the servers to this configuration at a later date, and will announce when we’re ready to make that transition.


Wait a minute! A GIF from a Marvel show? But I thought Marvel characters weren’t coming. Are you guys hinting at something big?


They just posted that because it´s a cool gif to end with


Yeah, I kinda thought the same thing, plus I doubt that the Marvel (and Star Wars) characters will be in DHBM anytime soon. Plus I don’t think they need to either just because they both had a lot of characters and are both franchises as well.

  • It almost never happens :+1:t2:

@Loutre @Polaris
What time will it begun?

Once we have scheduled the time I’ll add it here and make a banner post!


S13 is back up!


Prizewall stopped working after downtime.

We’re already looking into the issue and it was not related to the downtime!


I thank you for your prompt response!

So the Prize Wall is having a bug on the quest screen that makes it look like quests were reset, but from the screenshots I’ve been seeing in tickets the main prize wall does show that all quests are complete meaning there are no more resets.


My prize wall also has a bug. It says on the main screen that “All Daily Quests Complete” but when you press on the daily quests you can see i havent done a single tank. Because evwn if i try to do that task it doesnt give me the tokens and the action doesnt register…

Something is wrong with the Lilo event where we can’t earn the rewards.

This is not anything to do with the Server 13 transition. There is an in-game announcement regarding this issue.

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