Server 16 Guild needed

2 accounts on Server 16 both level 56. Active everyday. Let me know

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I just joined and just started a guild a couple of days ago. Probably not what you’re looking for but just in case, Just us old folk would love to have you. :slight_smile:

Try Maramusa. Most of us came over from dragon soul and are very serious gamer’s with a family attitude. Server 16

Check out Avada kedavra!

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Recruiting members for ICEANGELS guild. In server 16. Look us up we’d be happy to have you.

Disney420, please apply!

We have a guild on server 16 named Rosa Rex mostly Dragon Soul players I would like to welcome you to our guild, we also promote players up thru the Ranks. NOW ACCEPTING TL70+

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We have a few open spots looking for members TL70+ willing to Check In daily & willing to level up once you join Please Read Guild Wall. And follow guild rules. We are an active guild & people missing 5days straight will be kicked

Well. We have a few spots open and looking for members TL70+ WILLING TO CHECK IN DAILY, POST MERCENARIES, WORK HARD TO EXCEL.
I understand people have lives away from the guild. However as I said we are mostly former Dragons here in this guild “Rosa Rex” pulling hard to level up. Not only our own hero’s but this guild as well! So come on and help me enjoy kicking some butt! :grin:

Fantastic Disney has spots. Open guild, adult. Need to surge and war daily

Join our best guild Sunny SideUp

Join nero nemesis on s16

Всем доброго времени суток! Гильдия Disney ищет игроков. Команда дружная, играем каждый день, помогаем освоиться в игре новеньким, поэтому набор в гильдию с 15 уровня.