***Server 16 guild using reporting as a weapon to get ppl banned***

No. You and someone else. Coming at me. Was very unfair. Very rude.

Pro. Just because I don’t wanna talk to you doesn’t mean I’m not real :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


How about you go take this drama and craziness to a PM ok?


Honestly this negativity is not needed here anymore…

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But popcorn…

That is really rude, whether you know it or not… and @Imagineer_V is not someone you want to mess with…

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Popcorn is tasty, but this is not why the forums exist.

After she asked you to stop? That is just rude by dismissing her…

I was mentioned and my actions and words twisted. Wilson was defending me.

She is someone who doesn’t care for your nonsense, and pulling her into it after she asked you to stop is very rude… you should respect people’s feelings… No wonder y’all were silenced…

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