***Server 16 guild using reporting as a weapon to get ppl banned***

I am getting serial banned by players on the server and the support, amanda rose, sides with the player and guild ,who spend tons of money , every single time and im getting nowhere with support so im bringing it here to be properly addressed. Same player has blocked and reported be multiple times in the past and this one for “harassment” is total nonsense and i need another PB person to look at it. Im being effectively “cancelled” out since im not the VIP 500 player this reporter is and it needs to end. @Polaris
Weren’t you the one, Shank, that was railing on nate for not being the one winning" VIP
“sad, so , sad” VIP
Thats it…I have the SS’s but cant figure out how to post them or the support ticket replied but i have them. Now someone PLEASE inform me where and how this is harassment deserving of a 5 day ban? This woman has already blocked and reported me several times so what, she is unblocking me and reporting me again claiming harasment? This is out of context as well as they were attacking a player who had won the arena season and i was there trying to defend him. We’re not even in the same guild. Stop pandering to VIP 20 players and giving the shaft to lower ones. The reporting is out of hand and its undeserved over a BROAD statement of harrasment. PLEASE ADDRESS AS SUPPORT IS NOT, TY


Several of Twisted Beasts members have been permanently silenced for crazy cursing out of other server players and this player and guild is using reporting as a weapon of vindictiveness to get others who dont deserve it the same. It needs to be adressed and stopped and i want to know what the heck i said that was harassing. I posted it above, and its in support and i have the SS’s.

This trend is happening in S21 as well.
Several members gotten chatsilenced while not even been online said day.
Its quite curious.
Wondering how they can go against this kind of behaviour tbh.

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Here’s how it works.

  1. People who violate the rules are silenced.
  2. Players who do not violate the rules are not silenced.

With all report players tickets we review the chat logs for the player who was reported and we take action based on the chat log in our database. We don’t look at the VIP level of the person who made the report.

If someone is silenced, it’s because they’ve violated our Terms of Use. Being permanently silenced means that someone has been warned several times about their violations but continued to break the rules. It has nothing to do with the person making the report and everything to do with the behavior of the person who was silenced.


Do you actually check if they did anything wrong though? Some people will kick and report over nothing just to get good players out of the game? Also, off-topic, How are you Polaris?


Yes. We know that people can be petty and vindictive and report other people for no reason, so we always check the logs. If the person didn’t do anything wrong, nothing happens to them.


Thanks @Polaris I just feel bad for those wrongfully silenced sometimes… I guess it is just how they see it and how they tell the story that makes them seem innocent sometimes…


What does this have to do with the topic of the thread?

Soooo like you, Proteus, Wiz and BH did to me for like 4-5 month? Keep calm and dont be hypocritical - have a good day sincerely your best man Wilson

Worlds smallest violin playing just for you

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They did the exact same thing for so long… And now it happens to them and they go crying in here. Thats why

Makes sense… But wasn’t really necessary…

Go head wilson and punch, tell everyone what you all said lol. it aint the same and you are sore over it. SJ hasnt played in ages either and hes your leader so who is running that account?

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“shank werent you the one railing on nate for not winning” VIP
“Sad, so sad”
How the heck is that a 5 day harrasment ban please?

She went out her way all exciited when i posted i and said " haha thats a ban" and sure enough she did. this is what #3 now? i lost count and they are ridiculous bro. Punch what did you last say? comon man tell us all

SJ is a woman and just because she doesn’t speak in VIP doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist. That’s just. Silly. Since you mentioned my name. I’ll respond. I’m not using it as a weapon. I get attacked in VIP and ganged up on by the people who did this to my guild mates. I report when you say mean things, like you claim they were, and if support agrees with me then maybe you shouldn’t say those things. Maybe we all just don’t like each other and need to co-exist. Don’t play innocent and the victim. You do it too and are extremely rude to my guild. So block me, block all of us so you can enjoy your gaming experience. Have a pleasant day.

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Wilson is not your bro. And why is my name BOB!!! This is shank. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Really? it was just you and I talking over this last one. and again you said? “rail nate”? and boom im harrasing you? I thought you had me blocked and reported already? So you are here telling everyone you Unblocked me just to block and report me yet again for the what exactly??
Why you let ppl block , report, then unblock just to report again over and over? Shes doing it cause her friends said things they shouldnt of and im not the one that did anything bout it.

Why do you block people shank, just to unblock and keep reporting them? You do it all the time now and you go around calling people hypocrites. Ive done it once to you the same day and convo you did to me. We just spoke bout it other day ,and other then that i aint reported no one. So take that and go soemwhere else

I didn’t block you. You come into VIP being extremely rude and hostile. Other ways to report. They agree with me. You get silenced for a few days to cool off. Looks like you aren’t very cooled off. I’ll give you some more time. Why is my name BOB!!! Again, SJ is a girl. Very active. Sweetheart :yellow_heart:

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