Server 16, Level Cap Roadmap

The current level cap on Server 16 is 180 Red9.
Since for some specific Elite Campaigns and Friendship battles, this is insufficient to progress past certain enemy teams, I am wondering when and how often the level cap is raised on Server 16.

At the moment, I would like to see a minimum of level 200, to find out through gameplay if that is enough to make my teams powerful enough to overcome those enemy teams I cannot defeat at this time.

The Elite Campaign only goes up to the highest chapter unlocked - ie, the same as Normal campaign. It should be possible to clear it at the current server cap.

Based on past updates, team Level Cap in server 16 is raised every 4 weeks/28 days

26-May-2020 - Patch 2.0.02-A: Level 150 to 155, R4, Chapter 25 Unlocked

23-Jun-2020 - Patch 2.1: Level 155 to 160, R5, Chapter 26 Unlocked

21-Jul-2020 - Patch 2.1.11-A: Level 160 to 165, R6, Chapter 27 Unlocked

18-Aug-2020 - Patch 2.2.01-A: Level 165 to 170, R7, Chapter 28 Unlocked

15-Sep-2020 - Patch 2.2.20: Level 170 to 175, R8, Chapter 29 Unlocked

13-Oct-2020 - Patch 2.3.01: Level 175 to 180, R9, Chapter 30 Unlocked

Based on these patterns, expect the next Level Cap raise on 10-Nov-2020

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See here for how well that goes:

Third wave gets me every time! :rage:
I am trying to get to the final Elite Campaign in Chapter 3, for the Angel chip.
But this one is always roadblocking me.

Like I said, it should be possible to clear it at the current server cap :man_shrugging:t2:

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