Server 19 New Guild

Be the villain you were born to be. Don’t wait for someone to corrupt you. Succumb to the Darkness yourself and together we shall rule the server! | OrganizationXIII are looking for active members who surge and check-in daily. We require you to have 50K+ Coli Power, and be level 55+. We await your arrival.

Which server is this? I’m interested.

The guild is on Server 19 and we were created today and are looking for members too help it grow.

I do have a S19 account, but it is unfortunately a very low level.

How disappointing :frowning:

I’m thinking about creating a guild on Server 10 if you’re interested.

Server 1 would be perfect, but that’s kind of undoable.

I don’t play on Server 1 sadly.

Yeah, hence “Kind if undoable.” Good luck with your rising guild. Or, rising empire seems more fitting.

Thanks, good luck finding a guild!

Nah I’m already set with my own. Nothing says villainous look a good betrayal :+1: