Server 19 Team Building Advice?

Hello there! I need some advice on building some good arena and coliseum teams, and I was hoping someone could help me?

Here’s who I have so far:

Three Star Heroes:
Scar, Nick Wilde, Moana, Genie, Kevin Flynn

Two Star Heroes:
Vanellope (2* Da), Goofy, Duke Caboom, Ducky and Bunny, Mr. Incredible, Frozone, Hades, Rafiki, Finnick, Dash, Jack Jack, Judy, Wall-E, Yax, Aladdin, Quorra, Elastigirl, Jack Skellington, Felix

One Star Heroes:
Hercules, Calhoun, Maui, Ralph, Violet, Tia Dalma

For PvP:
Goofy, Bo Peep, Chief Bogo
Duke Caboom, Ducky & Bunny, Aladdin
Rafiki, Finnick Wall-E

For Invasion:
Nick Wilde, Elastigirl,

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Chef bogo and alladin the disk are the most important . Cahoult and genie, respectively.


All of them, actually. Just Bo Peep and D&B can’t be achieved at the moment.

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