Server 2 Question


I am trying to gauge the general status of our server people. How many active do you have in your guild?
By active I mean logs in daily and participates in surge.

I know my guild has about 15 consistent and then a smattering of others giving us about 20, maybe more on a guild day.

This is to maybe find a way to combine some guilds so that every one benefits.

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Come on there has to be someone from server 2 on the forums


Server 2 is in bad shape at the moment. Evil Empire is a great guild with mostly active players. We’ve been doing creative things to keep people active and usually hit 48+ check-ins daily.

But I can see the problems we discovered are hitting similar top guilds much more harshly. All of the top guilds are struggling to keep active players due to two problems:

  1. Players naturally churn out over time on any game.

  2. New players need to be capable of filling the spots the churned players left.

The second problem is what is hurting server 2. There is no way for new players to catch up to the old players without spending hundreds of dollars. As a result all of the top guilds are currently struggling to maintain active members.

It’s an issue unfortunately only PerBlue can fix.


Hey people are asking for new servers when they should shake up the existing ones!!