Server 22 update 1.16.11 Complete Hero tier List

Hey everyone!

Please fine below my tier list I have made! Any suggestions are welcome! I will try to keep it up to date.

Update 22/03/2020 17:42

Jessie moved from D to C tier
Oggie Boogie moved from C to B tier

Update 21/03/2020 23:17
Donald Duck to S tier
Do not ask about Genie refresh he is still trash
Wall-e up one tier
Kida added
Megara down one tier
Hank and Dory added
Tigger added
Winnie the pooh added
Eeyore added
Tron added

Update 24/04/2020 21:17
Noticed felix isn’t on here! Will add him next time I do the list

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How come Jessie is still D tier despite her recent refresh? Doesn’t that make her move up at least one tier?


Yeah you could be right. It’s hard to differentiate between what average and what trash sometimes. I might move her up for the next updated tier list.

Hey I noticed you did not add Flynn Rider

In fact I think your right, I have moved her up

Oppps will add him in now

What a weird disk choice for… most of heroes.


I think Oogie is too underrated in your list. Even without the right team he heals a lot, his dice deal enormous damage.

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Great help

mmm… another copy paste of my formatting


Oh I just copied the formatting of a tier list I found online, it didn’t say who made it though! It was probably one of yours though now I’ve seen your reddit lol sorry!

Any updates here?

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Just updated now!

Does your server not have Maui?

Wow the starter characters truly do suck

You don’t have Felix ? He’s S Tier !!!


Think we are getting him but not been released yet!

Could you pls update?

Also I cant see maui

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