Server 4: Glitches


{I’m not a glitch, I just have pixlexia!}

We are a top 200 guild looking for fairly active members.We currently have 40 members but are looking to fill up to 50 for those sweet, sweet login perks!

x Timezone -5:00 x ❘ Check in and Surge daily! ❘ New players welcome!

We do not require daily login but highly recommend it. We do not want to be a high stress, competitive top 10 guild but we do still want to have fun, make progress, and unlock great perks. Inactivity of 7 days or more will result in removal from guild.

Our guild chat is very active each day! We are always happy to welcome new friends or help new players :grin:

Join Glitches today!

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Ruler: Maleficent
Officer: B McDuck
Officer: 6uol
Officer: Rinoah
Officer: Luv2Cookems
Officer: Boss Lumiere
Officer: Trousers
Veteran: IcySparks
Veteran: Vidi Epson

Any of these members can be contacted for questions or help!

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Ok @asydburn cool maybe I’ll join

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We’d love to have ya, @Hero_Bambi!

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But I’m not level 15


We’re still recruiting new members! All are welcome!

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I joined
It took a while

I’m back lol :laughing:

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