Server 8: Disney Masters


Do you consider yourself a master? Are you willing to get pushed to be the best you can be while having a family to support you?

If so, the Disney Masters is for you. Recruiting 75+ TL. We are tough, but friendly. If you are tired of your laidback game and want to join a guild with active members, then join up now. We would love to have you!! :grin::grin::grin:


I would like 2 join u @Champion_David. But sadly, I’m on server 3. :cry:


Its ok, I have no idea how many people on here are server 8, but we need members so I am recruiting one time on here.


@Champion_David I’d join the guild your in but I don’t have any accounts on server 8. Well good luck with hiring people.


I thought you were on server 2. I’m sorry I can’t join I’m on server one. Don’t want to give up on lvl 92 (just got to that level today!)


@Champion_David I would join But I’m to shy. And I’m on s16


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How did you think I was server 2? I literally said in my profile that I was server 8 :joy:


I’m already a Master though lol. But in all seriousness, your guild is great!


Thanks :wink:

But we are hoping to become better.


I read server 2 in your profile…:disappointed_relieved:


Best of luck in recruiting @Champion_David! Out of curiosity how strong is your guild?

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This is his guild stats.


Wait, you’re on server 8? I’d join, but you’d have to make an exception because I’m only level 72. Being free to play is not very beneficial to my team level.

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I will talk to our leader and see what he says :wink:


Thank you! I’d love to join you. I have a guild already, but they aren’t active at all anymore.

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Raise your lvl as soon as possible, TL is 75+ but I think they will let you in.

Send Ult a PM and ask him if you can join :wink:


Ok, is Ult their full name? Also, is your in game name the same? Nvm, I saw your guild and Pm both of you.

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Oh. I thought u were the leader.


I have a recommendation for the guild your in. If you guys aren’t already doing this, you should set aside spots for people aren’t leveled up enough for the required TL but are close enough.


I thought it was called geek kingdom? :expressionless: