Server Update: 11:30 AM CST Feb. 21st

All servers will be down today, February 21st, at 11:30 AM CST, for the 4.7 Update. We’ll be making big changes to War, so if you haven’t already please read the details here. This will be a long update, so thank you in advance for your patience. Lastly, here’s how we’re going to handle War:

When the server is down, we’ll remove the old War features and push the changes. The current season essentially ends, and we’ll send out End-of-Season rewards based on your CURRENT League, and rank for the top five Guilds (these will be the updated War rewards).

We’ll initiate a new War season, which will still end at the end of February. It’s basically just a very short War season, and you’ll receive End-of-Season rewards AGAIN, based on your League in the short season. A new season begins again for March, and the War seasons resume a regular schedule.

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