Servers 1 and 14 Merge and Servers 21 and 23 Merge Happening Feb 2nd 2023

Hello everyone! As the title says, we’re going to be having server merges for S1 and S14 and S21 and S23! This won’t be happening until Feb 2nd and I’ll be going into more detail closer to the actual merge date. This is just an announcement that we’re planning the merge! This will be very similar to previous server merges and we will be allowing account consolidation after the merges are complete.

S14 is merging into S1 and S23 is is merging into S21.

We will be making a more detailed Server Merge post closer to the merge date which is currently planned for Feb 2nd 2023.


Not that my memory is perfect, but this feels like shorter notice than previous merges.


I had a family emergency and sadly was out while the planning was happening so that was on me.


Oh, not that it’s a problem or anything, I just found it curious.

And I hope things are better for you and your family.


Oh really? What a surprise!
My former S16, now S14 account is devalued, again.
Well, the game is still not dying, right?


This does feel remarkably quick after the last set of merges


I guess you’d rather each server slowly dwindle down until it reaches the point it’s no longer financially viable to keep them going?


This is very likely where it’s going. Portal Quest survived 5 years. Let’s see if we see 6 years here.
Also live operations are strangely very scarce now.
No new announcement of franchise trials or a new price wall. Feels like a gap in a general sense.


More merges going on

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You could’ve just answered “yes”.

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Interesting. I heard rumors in discord about s25 will be merging at some point but eh rumors are rumors. They have a chance to be 50% right or 50% wrong.

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Do you plan to add new s26 after merge?


No information about the new server yet :woman_shrugging:t2:

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So, S23, where I’m from, will be merging with S21, interesting…


Because we aren’t due to any patch notes, Luca prize wall didn’t even ended.
On friday there are new patch notes.


Hooooorayyyy let’s be happy for more activity.

And a consolidation, which won’t be for accounts made on or after January 19. :slight_smile:

The maximum of 4 stays, right?

Loutre, may I ask if the patch season 3 is going to be delayed until after the merge? Or will there be a special invasion… or was it a fluke?
Any trial event before merge?


QUESTION: What if I have 2 accounts server 1 and server 23 what will happen to my secondary account server 23?

Nothing. Besides. Server 1 and Server 23 are not merging together…

1 + 14
21 + 23

Those are the two pairs, each merging separately.

So your Server 23 account will go to Server 21 and Server 23 itself ceases to exist.

It is quite funny how the sole 2nd newest server (23 + 24 together merged into 23 a year ago) are merging into the sole 3rd newest server (21 + 22 merged also at the same time into just 21)…

Leaving only Server 1, Server 21 and Server 25. I guess 1+21+25 merge next year?


oh fabulous…

14 seems to have had the most active players in such a long time with guilds being mostly full in the top 200. I just know the guild I’m in, placed 30 will be out of the top 200 immediately, and there’ll be no place for smaller f2p players.


You know rankings are just for boasting purposes, right?

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