Set disks in different game modes

Coming from someone who uses both disks on some heroes for different modes, such as war and invasion, it becomes a pain to have to keep constantly switching back and forth between disks for different modes. For example, it’s a giant pain to have to switch back to the war disk right before a new war starts so that disk is the right one for my lineups. I think incorporating an option to set both disks for different modes, make an option to where when editing your war lineups, you can choose to keep one disk on that specific hero for war, and only war. That way we don’t have to constantly switch back and forth through disks multiple times a day


Would be even better if they made switching disks in heroes choosing menu

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While that would be helpful, I’d still prefer if we could lock disks for each mode like War, Invasion, Arena, even Heist.


I think it’ll be cool once you had a disk you could use it once you got it to a certain level and it wouldn’t matter if you had one two three they’d both work

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