Shego and Maximus skill too powerful



Shego’s skill (Plasma Beam). Is Way to powerful, it will KO all of my allies even if I have heroes who are stronger then her. She is way too powerful and when I try to defeat shego with my same rank Shego gets KOed!! This is just the Same as Maximus… The creepified Maximus and Shego are unbeatable but my shego and Maximus are easily beaten by them!! This is not right… Please make then a little less powerfull

This depends on what specific characters you’re using. If you’re using older heroes, then yeah, she’s going to easily tear them apart.


I was using Ron, Swedish Chef, Carl, Russel and Kevin and LILo

Ron and Lilo are new

And that team has no synergy together.

Try something else.

Shego has no negation and not-high evasion. There.

That’s not necessary to say…

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