Should the Animated Alice in Wonderland get a sequel?

If Bambi can get a sequel more than 50 years later, I would say Alice in Wonderland could get a sequel.

I say would because I won’t say it. The sequel era is over. If an Alice in Wonderland sequel came out now at this very second, it would break the record for the longest time between a movie and it’s sequel by nearly 20 years.
But that’s not how production time works. It would take at least 1 year to make the movie. Probably more. Meaning it almost certainly WOULD break the record by 20 years.

I’m not saying I don’t think it will happen. I’m saying I think it’s genuinely impossible and improbable.


As the Doorknob said, “Nothing is impossible”.

That would actually be an impressive feat i must say.

Beetlejuice and Hocus Pocus are getting sequels so it’s possible :man_shrugging:

Well HP isn’t confirmed but is in development process…

Look at when they were released… Just 30ish years ago. Those movies are from the 90s. Alice is from the 50s.


Okay fair point…

…but still a gap

And they actually have some diehard fans.


Yes, but with Alice it would be 40 years bigger…


They aren’t breaking any kind of record.
Also I’ll believe Beetlejuice is getting a sequel when I see it. That thing has been in development for 30 something years. Active development is coming up on 10 years. Burton said 2 years ago he doubts it’s actually gonna start filming.

Hocus Pocus 2 is officially happening, but it’s not breaking any record of any kind. It just had it’s 30th anniversary like… 2 years ago?

Call me when a movie breaks the Bambi record. AND that movie is owned by Disney.


Actually, it’s Fantasia that holds the record for the disney movie with the longest hiatus.

It came out in 1940 and Fantasia 2000 came out in… well, 2000.

So subtract the release dates for both of them and the Fantasia franchise clocks in at about… 60 years! And Fantasia 2000 is part of the animation canon.

Bambi: 1942
Bambi 2: 2006

Difference = 64 years



Are they really sequels, though? Aren’t both Fantasias just a collection of animated shorts?

I watched both when I was younger, and I was hoping for an over-arching plot… But it never came.


Wouldn’t 99% of the original cast be dead by that point?

They can replace them though :man_shrugging:… many animated characters have been voiced by multiple actors over the years.


Yeah true, but if ur a Disney Fan you’d notice :laughing:

Did you notice when Slinky changed? Or Jessie? Or Dash?

Jessie was the same in all 4 films…

Slinky I did cuz didn’t the actor die?


Yeah :pensive:

Edit: Nevermind another actress voiced Jessie’s yodel… she wasn’t entirely replaced


So I was right for once in my life?

Slinky’s voice changed in the 3rd movie because his original voice actor died
Jessie’s voice actor didn’t change
Dash Voice actor changed because his original voice actor hit puberty at a certain age and he old

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