Should the Animated Alice in Wonderland get a sequel?

I have been on an Alice in Wonderland kick lately and i’ve been thinking. So many of Lewis Carroll’s eccentric (if not completely crazy) characters from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (With a touch of Through the Looking Glass in the Tweedles, the flowers, the Walrus and the Carpenter case) have been introduced. And yet there are so many other ideas and many character left with so much potential.

With all this in mind, we can make a sequel for Alice in Wonderland. But let’s here where you stand on the subject

With so many unused characters and concepts from the orginal stories left unused. Should we visit Wonderland once again and let the ANIMATED Alice in Wonderland get a sequel?

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I think if Disney didn’t mix Alice in Wonderland with Through the Looking Glass they could pull it off, but I don’t know…

Also it’s kinda too late for an animated sequel.


No, bad idea dont want to go back to that era. I remember the Micheal Eisner era of disney, the sequel and it wasnt a good thing.

But, they did.

These guys here :point_up: ARE from Through the Looking Glass. So is the Red and White Queens and The Jabberwock.

(Technically, The Walrus, Carpenter, and Jabberwock are their separate poems, but the poems were part of Through the Looking Glass so it still counts.)

And as for what @Mr_Hopps_1 said, your probably thinking of movie made by DisneyToons. Lasseter shut down DisneyToons Studios a long time ago after Planes: Fire and Rescue. So, this sequel would have no choice but to go into the Animation Canon like Ralph Breaks the Internet, The Rescuers Down Under,Winnie the Pooh (2011), and Frozen 2.


I’m saying it’s because they were in AiW instead of TLG that an animated sequel to AiW might flop

No, never, the story doesn’t need a sequel, I do remember there was a book that was an non canon sequel and it wasn’t very good. Alice doesn’t need a sequel tbh


I could see short story animation clips and such on Disney Plus, but for a sequel probably a bit late yeah even if of course not impossible.

But yeah, I think like small short videos would be better.

While I really doubt it will happen, Alice in Wonderland could get a sequel story in Kingdom Hearts like Big Hero 6 did, but yeah not the same and likely not counting as canon I imagine :-).
Still, an interesting thought.

Well, according to the Nostalgia Critic, he made the Disney Sequels We Want, Alice in Wonderland is in this video. If you want to see it, check it out.

I would absolutely die for an animated sequal for my favourite movie. But Alice In Wonderland doesn’t need a sequal, and making a sequal 70 years later would make no sense

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Is that even the collective opinion of many or is it just his and is using that title as clickbait


Alice does not need a sequel.

It isn’t really clickbait as they are asking what others think, so it isn’t like they are have a title that doesn’t correspond to the topic properly, just thought I let you know :-).

In my opinion small videos additions on Disney+ could be fun, but I would agree that animated Alice in Wonderland sequel is probably not needed.
An animated series could be fun if done right thought.

And what is your favorite movie?

Alice In Wonderland

On the one hand, there’s still plenty of unused characters and incidents from the original Alice books from which a sequel could be crafted; as those books are my favorite work of fiction, and I’m fond of Disney’s animated adaptation, the idea does have some appeal to me.

On the other hand, we’re talking about a 70-year-old movie, with all the original creative artists whose input shaped the movie long since retired and passed away. There’s no way a sequel made today would feel like a true continuation.

I vote no. Let others try their hands at an adaptation, if they wish, but there’s no way a true sequel can be made so long after the original.

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What about The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh? It was made in 1977 and a sequel for the animation canon was not made until 37 years later with Winnie the Pooh despite it’s many sequels from DisneyToons that Hopps have mentioned.

37 ≈ ~70


Hey, i’m just saying that to me, time has no relevance in this situation. If anything, it would be a bit a nostalgia and the chance to use the ideas that were scrapped the first time around.

For who???

AiW was released almost 70 years ago! And only few right now grow up watching it

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I don’t think it’s a good idea for Alice in Wonderland to have a sequel infact I still have it for VHS and as I watched it I don’t think it would need one

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Well, some people might or might not want to see this one though unless it’s not a straight to video movie.

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