Silas sausage and chuck steak (Unlikely concept)

Oh no. It’s chapter one and chapter two in one with chuck steak and Silas sausage from MINCED! These mascots gone wrong wreak havoc on their enemies

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Frontline Tank.
Red team


Entrance: Chuck Steak rides on a Meathook into battle. With Silas Sausage walking behind him.
Victory: Chuck Steak and Silas sausage vibrates (like his Jumpscare)
Defeat: The meat hook from earlier falls and crushes Chuck steak and Silad runs away because he is coward.
Basic attack: Chuck Steak pounds the closest enemy to him.


:white_circle: white skill: Attack of the Chicken leg.

Passive: Chuck Steak and Silas sausage steal X armor and reality from enemies they damage

Active: Chuck Steak and Silas Sausage summon the giant chicken leg to roar at enemies. Scaring them for 8 seconds before ground pounding the floor, dealing X normal damage to all enemies.

The scare has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.
And Armor and reality steal has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

:green_circle: Green Skill. Hot, dog!

Chuck Steak throws Silas at the furthest enemy like a cannon ball. Dealing X true damage to them, this attack has 50% additional critical hit chance and steals 50% additional armor and reality from the enemy.

:large_blue_circle: Blue Skill. Nice to Meat you.
Chuck Steak and Silas Sausage briefly exit the battle, before arriving back on their Meat hooks disguised as mere mortal meat! While they are disguised they are immune to all damage and debuffs and the enemies are distracted by the meat. This disguise lasts for 7 seconds and when it ends. Chuck Steak and Silas Sausage gain + 10% additional attack speed for 8 seconds for each attack prevented this way.

This skill has a chance to fail if there is an enemy above level X

:purple_circle: Purple Skill. The Biggest Meat in town.

Chuck Steak and Silas sausage take 95% less damage from all attack while they are above 40% hp. And they heal for X hp over seconds after they are dealt damage by a critical hit.

:red_circle: Red Skill. Protein up!

Attack of the Chicken leg also steals up to 50% shield hp from all enemies if they have shields.

Chuck Steak and Silas sausage are immune to Stun and Reality and Armor decrease.

Nice to Meat you also grants +X skill power for each debuff negated for 8 seconds

+X hp
+X armor
+X reality
+X Damage to Qttack of the Chicken Leg.


Friendship with Dash.

The minced duo meet Dash, Silas Sausage is convinced that he is fellow living meat product due to the convincing red outfit.

Friendship Disc: In and n out,

Hot, dog! Also deal x fantastic damage to nearby enemies.

Friendship with Green shadow.
The Minced duo and Green shadow try to protect the MINCED meat processor factory from waves of Purple mages.

Skill, Baked in bacon: Attack of the Chicken Leg also inflicts 2 instances of the Beaned! debuff to enemies damaged for one and a half seconds.

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