Simba - Character Concept


Name: Simba
Star: :star2: :star2: :star2:
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Trial Team:
“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t rip you apart.”

Entrance: Simba will jump down from a high rock.
Basic: Simba will scratch his enemies.
Victory: Simba will roar in victory.
Defeat: Simba will fall on his back, tries to get back up but he can’t.

White: Hard Pounce - normal
Simba pounces on the enemy with the least HP dealing damage and reduces its armor and enemies nearby also takes armor reduction.
Green: Great Courage
Simba gathers up his courage giving him shield for 10 seconds. The shield remained after 10 seconds will be converted into health.
Blue: Revenge
When Simba’s HP falls down below 50%, his movement and attack speed will increase by 100% and he gains an armor for every 6 basic attacks.
Purple: He Lives In Me
At the start of each wave, Simba gains a 10% increase in all damage done for 20 seconds.



My review list:

  • You should have noticed that characters in Trial Teams include other characters that were in the same movie as them. So Simba should be in the Red team
  • Maybe choose a different quote that shows Simba’s good side. Not the bad one
  • “Will,” “Will,” “Will.” Just go for it. Do not say “will” all the time because it sounds boring. Make concepts as if they were already in the game
  • “Falls with his back”… more like falls on his back
  • “and enemies nearby”… enemies nearby what? Deal damage? Have their armor reduced? I dunno
  • “Revenge” doesn’t seem like a move that can be upgraded
  • Gaining energy every 7 basic attacks seems like too many. It should be 3 (there is a pattern in which standard heroes attack: Basic, Blue, Green, Basic x3, Blue, Green, Basic x3, Blue, Green, etc.)
  • When does “He lives in me” activate? At the beginning of a battle? When he falls below 50% HP?

The disks you should also suggest them to give PerBlue some options of disc choices if they ever need some help

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You really think I didn’t know that? Oh, gosh! Almost everyone knows that. I’m just too lazy to check so I left it blank.

Bad isn’t the appropriate word. It was a quote of courage since he dared to threaten his uncle.

Nonsense feedback. I’m throwing this one out.

The only thing that makes sense. Congratulations! You got one good point. :rofl:

Read carefully. Enemies nearby won’t receive damage, just an armor reduce.

I don’t get this one. Next!

I’m trying not to make him OP. And I had a habit of not abiding to DHBM pattern or whatever it is.

It already activates at the start of the battle.

Nonsense? Grammar feedback is nonsense? Are you kidding?

What I mean us that every skill needs to be able to be upgraded. This skill does not seem like a skill that can be upgraded. You will have to edit it

But it’ll take like 30 seconds to do a 7th basic attack in a wave. It doesn’t make him OP, but very underpowered

Then you should clarify that

I actually agree with Stan on the quote, it seems a little too… menacing.

What he meant was was leveled up. There’s no variable in the skill.

This is one of the uncommon occasions I agree with Stan. Aside from grammar and trials which don’t really matter, he actually covers the bases with his list. He could’ve been slightly less blunt about it though. :slight_smile:

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Okay, so the amount of energy will not be definite.

Levelling up energy wouldn’t be a good idea. Maybe a reduced effect under certain conditions, or even replace the skill and move that to a disk. :thinking:


I agree with @Silver_Bullet. The amount of energy given in a skill is never a variable. It is always definite. You could also add an attack boost or just stick to @Silver_Bullet’s idea. Idc which one you chose

I’ll think about it. I’m reserving the disk for a storyline.

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Okay, so what about an additional basic attack damage?

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That’s just Merida/Mr. Inc’s skill.

Exactly what I think of.

Out of all wot they said, dis is a great concept.

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I just gave you the 10th :heart: like you should get another badge. You can receive it multiple times!


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Yeah, thanks for the likes everyone! Just earned the Nice Topic badge for this character concept.

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No need to be a grammar nazi. So long as we understand the idea it doesn’t matter.


Guys just chill please it’s a video game…
Sorry if this comes off as rude.

You did not have to revive the topic

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Didn’t mean to… again I did say not to be rude. Obviously you’ve crossed that border though. Can we put this behind us? I would be willing to.

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If you were willing to, then why’d you revive it… AGAIN

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