Sisu Mushu campaign chapter 1

Has anyone managed to beat chapter 1 as it feels impossible I have sisu at 225 R16 max skills and mushu at 225 R2 with high skills but on last stage 2/3 the skeleton enemy takes no damage continuously no matter how I play it. Anyone managed to do this or is this an issue accross the board? Thanks.

PB did an announcement that she should do normal damage with the green skill.
In theory the green skill should kill skeletons.

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Cheers I did see that statement but I thought they were just saying that the description itself is wrong not the actual damage output

Even if Sisu’s green did fantastic, you can level up your Mushu’s rank to increase his BD.

Tried that he is pretty much maxed out on all skills now and has Gerald disk still nothing

I had a similar issue in the Sisu/Mushu friendship campaign, in stage 3.2, where a skeleton appears. (Since I’m VIP 13, I don’t have to fight the first episode of friendship campaigns.)

I checked the damage dealt by all of the characters, and Sisu had done 0 normal damage despite using her tail whip often. My solution was to pump up the basic damage of one of the other two characters with a damage mod. (The two choices were Phil and Mushu. I pumped up Phil since my Mushu is really weak.)

This worked and I’m now at a point where my problem is a completely different character.

You need to make mushu use his basic damage/auto attack but he gets caught in a loop of using his scare/firebreath. So u need to use his white skill as soon as he uses his fire breath after he has used his scare so the cooldown of his scare isnt back up and he can auto attack the skeleton hope this helps. Until the fix the normal damage so sisu =). In the later chapters Phil should take care of the skeleton if not use the same method for Mushu

This didn’t work for me though and Sisu is still doing fantastic dmg

Yeah that skeleton is impossible right now I’m sure of it because if you check damage feed he’s immune to fantastic but sisu shouldn’t be doing fantastic. Only way I’ve seen people get past this part of campaign is whish skip feature available to higher vips :frowning: I guess we just have to wait for fix but if it makes you feel any better I wasted so much resource maxing out mushu.

Dear PerBlue

For weeks I still waiting and you can’t fix this friendship campaign bug.
When you Will do?

I give a feedback, you get out this enemy, if is impossible fix Sisu.

In another post they said…

Hope this resolves your question.


This friendship mission is completely impossible and the fact this bug has not been resolved yet to this point is a bit ridiculous for the amount of money they get from their players. I would think the developers would make this a bit more of a priority. I have Sisu Y2 260 and Mushu R10 260 maxed skills for both and that skeleton is resisting everything. Manual-auto, makes no difference. I get the same results. I’m glad to hear those of us that are not privy to the VIP 13 are in this together and hope there will be a resolution soon to this nightmare.

  1. Don’t necropost.

  2. 3.6.10.

  3. Take this time to get the Mim disk instead. Y’know, the one Sisu actually wants. Not the garbage Mushu disk.


This was posted in December and the issue persists, don’t see a rule on Necroposting when the issue is still ongoing. They addressed the issue in a forum for a later update instead of taking the time and getting it right and fixing their mistake in a timely manner. To each their own in regard to which disk is better, congrats on your Mim disk.

Give Mushu some BD mods with Normal Crit upgrades, use his white skill to interrupt his green skill, and you should be able to defeat the skeletons; that’s how I did it with a Mushu weaker than yours.

I’ll agree the Mim disk is much better, but explain to me how reducing damage from reflect is “garbage”.

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Maybe because FG(Ma) does the same thing?

True, but most use FG’s Max disk. I personally did for the SP and speed.
Now I need a reflect counter!

Tron, Colette, Shego (Ki).

Got Tron. Not getting Collette.
Does Shego (Ki) remove reflect fast enough? That’s just for frontline right? It takes awhile to get to Ian and the backline

Is that disk “garbage” too, then? If not, why is it OK yet another disk that does the same thing (except slightly better) “garbage”?

Joy exists. As well as Mim(Ma), Mary(Lo), Wasabi…

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