Sisu vs the Freezemonster

Sisu always gets permafrozen for this battle.

She is R10, but apparently that was not enough to defeat this monster.
So how can she resist the freezing effect?

Being the first chapter of a friendship, no other team members can be added to assist.

What is your rank and level for Sisu?

She can be Y10 and it won’t change a thing, she has no working tenacity and evasion.

It’s how it works.

Yep, more evidence that PerBlue wants players to have more than one hero in a friendship campaign leveled up, rather than having power-ups solve everything.

It would be a simple matter to let power-ups add just one or two to Tenacity and Evasion to avoid this problem, a change that wouldn’t affect any PvP content in the game at all.

Well, time to write this friendship off as a complete failure then.
If upgrading Sisu’s rank level won’t make her resistant to the freezing effect, then that’s the end of it.

I don’t like spending stamina on unused characters for the sake of Friendship campains.
The unused character in this case is the “friend”, not Sisu.

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Couldn’t have said it better. It’d be SO much better if they let us choose just one ally, for the entire campaign, than give us certain ones for each level. It’s already bad enough that every new character’s friend campaign enemies keep getting so much more powerful every time. What’s up with that?


I think the proper term is power creep, they keep raising the power of the playable characters, so raise the enemies to match.

But I just don’t have the stamina to match pace, so each power creep makes my team that little bit less able to play the game.
I’m hoping it never gets to the point where the minimum rank to play these campaigns is Y0. :fearful:

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