Skiff Unlikely Hero Concept


Description: This feisty little railboat will not stand aside and let his allies fails, so Skiff decided to join in the frey. And with the help of his new owners Captain Joe, this boat won’t be sinking any time.

Quote: ‘‘Hello, I’m Skiff what’s your name’’
Star: :star: :star:
Role: Support
Position: Midline
Trial Team: Yellow


Entrance: Skiff enter the field, by the wind as Captain Joe navitage Skiff. Once Skiff reaches his Position, Captain Joe bring out his oar from Skiff.

Victory: Skiff smile happily, as Captain Joe lowers his oar into Skiff and process to applaud Skiff and his Allies.

Defeat: Captain Joe dropped his oar by accident, causing it to hit Skiff in the head.


Basic Attack: {Passive} When an enemy comes within melee range of Skiff, Captain Joe uses an oar and swings on the enemy, dealing X Normal Damage and Knocking them back.

White Skill: Beaming Lighthouse:
A lighthouse appear behind the background, where a Beaming light fly across the field. Dealing X Fantastic Damage and Blinded them for 15 seconds. As we’ll apply X Tenacity Increase to all allies for 10 seconds.

The Tenacity Increase has a chance to fail on allies above level Y.

Green Skill: Seagull’s Dive:
In a distance a honk of a horn from a ship, while causing three seagull to fly high to the sky and then targeting a singeler enemy with the most armor. Each seagull dealing X Normal Damage, an that target and nearby enemies will be Sap for 10 seconds.

Blue Skill: Anchor Shot:
Every 40 seconds of the battle, Captain Joe pull out a anchor and aim it to the farthest enemies. Dealing X Normal Damage, apply Pierce and Stunning the enemy for 10 seconds. As well of having 70% to remove all buff from that targeted enemy.

The Buff Removal has a chance to fail against enemies above level Y.

Purple Skill: Positive Sailboat:
Skiff cheer at two ally with the least amount of HP, Healing them for X HP and increasing their Reality by Z for 15 seconds. As we’ll apply 5 Stack of Hardy to allies for 15 seconds.

Red Skill: Little Railboat:
Every 3rd time Skiff uses “Beaming Lighthouse”, Skiff and his Allies now gain Z Reality increase for the rest of the wave.

Every time an ally is healed by Skiff, they gain 2 Stack of Hardy for 12 seconds, Percies for 10 seconds and reduces 40% of True Damage for 8 seconds.

The Damage Reduction has a chance to fail on allies above level Y.

• + Z Skill Power
• + Z Reality
• + Z Max HP



[Skiff and Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo]
Description: As Skiff and Joe where cruise down the line, they soon encounter a sea lion in the middle of the track. Skiff confused by this, politely ask the sea lion to move, but didn’t, soon under the sea lion mouth two little clown fish pop out of the green bucket and apologize to Skiff and Captain Joe of Gerald blocking the path. They explained that a flock of seagull have invaded Gerald rock and can’t seem to get rid of them, so they tried to find someone that can help him. So Skiff and Captain Joe decided to help the trio of their seagull invasion.

Disk Name: Avian Infestation
Disk Power:
• + Enemies lose X Max HP while they have Attack Speed Increased
• + Enemies lose X Skill Power while they have Attack Speed Increased
• + Tank Role ally gains X Max HP
• + X Basic Attack to Skiff and his Allies

• When an enemy is hit by Skiff Basic Attack, they will have 16%/32%/48%/64%/80% of Movement Speed Decrease for 8 seconds.

Allies: Donald, Douglas, Scrooge McDuck


[Skiff and Ariel]
Description: Skiff witnessing Ariel and Triton, gave him hope that mermaid do actually exist and decided to tell Duck and Oliver, as he told Oliver and Duck about his mermaid encounter, both engine laughs at Skiff to believe such tell and reminding him of his last time of proving to them of the mermaid. Skiff annoyed by their teasing, decided to prove to them that mermaids do actually exist, and this time he actually have proof.

Disk Name: A Real Mermaid
Disk Power:
• + X Max HP
• + X Tenacity
• + Tank Role enemies lose X Tenacity

• Every 3 time Skiff uses “Beaming Lighthouse”, Skiff and his Allies are heal for X HP per seconds for 5/7/9/11/14 seconds.

Allies: King Triton, Oliver & Toad, Duck

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