Skills with chance to fail

Some abilities read something like “The chance to [X] is reduced against enemies above level [Y]”. What is the formula for the reduced chance? If someone is one level higher than the ability’s guaranteed use? Ten levels?


As of now, let’s assume that the chance to fail is a 50-50. If the skill is higher than or equal to the hero, the ally(ies) or the enemy(ies), the skill will not fail. If it is lower, it may not be effective on your audience (Ally or enemy)

I seriously doubt it’s a 50-50 chance because then that would mean level 1 skills are just as effective as [Enemy Level - 1] and I don’t think I have ever seen a level 1 skill trigger on a level 100 opponent when it has a chance to fail.

lol, it is not 50%. Don’t know what the formula is, but the chance to fail increases the bigger gap there is between skill level and target level.

Same applies for skills that are “less effective” - the closer the skill level is, the more effective they are.

I figured that much, but for a strategy game it would be useful to know how likely or unlikely you are to succeed in an ability cast.


I also think so now.

@Polaris, I’m assuming there is a general formula for determining the chances of the success of one of these ability casts. Given the strategic nature of the game, is it something that PerBlue would consider releasing?

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