Slow-Study team

Hi guys im looking forward for a slow-study team but i cant get red ability because of level (im 85)
I was thinking something like
Stitch (maui disk)
Barbosa (stitch disk)
Vanellope (flash disk)/mushu (i love him and can synergize with meg silence)
Is this viable? I dont want to play a super meta team but just something, thx guys

Show me your heroes and I’ll analyse and see which is the most useful.

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Switch disks on Barbossa for a start. It studies everyone at the start of evey fight.

Next, you need Maximus no matter what, but pleakley isn’t a bad idea by any means, so I say you remove vanellope as you said you don’t have reds and put pleakley there.

Lastly, Maximus doesn’t need meg, so I suggest you put Gizmoduck(launchpad disk) there. He gives big stat buffs on a study team.

So the team will be Maximus(Flynn disk), Gizmoduck(La), pleakley(Ju), Stitch(Ma), Barbossa(Ti).


I honestly think switching Stitch for someone like Li Shang for more protection, or Robin for super crits, could be a good idea.

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