Snow white hero concept by gonzo the great

Snow white from snow white and the 7 dwarves requested by @WINTER-SOUL

2 stars
Midline tank
Trial team- Blue
Quote- “I’m wishing, for the one I love”
Description- Snow white uses her animal alliances to fend off enemies.

Entrance- snow white walks into battle and a bird flies onto her finger
Victory- Snow white and the bird on her finger sings
Defeat- Snow white bites into an apple and falls backwards

(Snow white has a wishing well next to her)

Basic attack- snow white sings healing her x. If snow white is attack by an attack that deals true or fantasic damage 5 seconds after she uses her basic attack she gains 1 stack of wishful

White skill- Furry Friends
Snow white calls her animal friends (birds, Squirrels, and deer) to attack the closest enemy dealing x damage and stunning for 7 seconds
Stun has chance to fail against enemies above level x

Green skill- I’m wishing
Snow white can store up to 3 debuffs in her wishing well. Snow white sings into the wishing well healing her x then randomly applies each of the debuffs to a dove. The doves then fly to random enemies dealing x damage then they apply there debuff. The dove deals x more damage for each stack of wishful
The applied debuffs have a chance to fail above level x

Blue skill- Whistle while you work
“Furry friends” now deals x more damage and gives the ally with the lowest health a 6 second shield. Furry friends now deals x more damage over time to the enemy with the lowest health.

Purple skill- True loves kiss
When snow white dies the 1st time she then reappears on a coffin and stretches reviving her and giving her x health and x more armor.

Red skill- wish your heart makes
When snow white has 7 stacks of wishful she gains x armor and x hp.
+x armor
+x Reality
+x damage delt on im wishing


Apple seller
Snow white, the evil queen
Allies- Magic de spell, hades, mad madame mim
Disk- snow white can now store/ 4 debuffs and she gets an extra dove

Wishing fairy
Snow white, merlin
Allies- Belle, scrooge mcduck, Gaston
Disk- snow white gains x armor for each stack of wishful

Please post all feedback

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I’m now taking requests. Leave them below. I’m only doing disney or Pixar.


Ron stoppable
Bill cipher

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Can you add in Bill Cipher i just think since a lot of the badges are sometimes from gravity falls wouldn’t it be cool if he was in the game?? and i would also like Ron Stoppable. Just a suggestion but please ??? (: Skills i haven’t come up with yet but i believe in y’all s imagination for these 2 characters.

1st of all welcome. 2nd yes I can do bill cipher and Ron. I’ve never seen an episode of gravity falls so I’ll have to watch it before i come out with his.

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great u will love the series and i believe in you and your imagination (Positive thoughts)

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